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NIAM - Network for Integrated Assessment Modelling

The aims of the NIAM network is to encourage collaboration between national activities and with IIASA in integrated assessment modelling, to provide a forum for discussion, to facilitate communication and to enhance development of integrated assessment modelling complementing the work of IIASA, as well as providing additional contributions to the work of the Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling.

NIAM is established under the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution.

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New Disussion Topic

Although ecosystem protection has always been a major purpose of the CLRTAP it has been difficult to reflect this directly in attaching economic benefits to emission reduction strategies. New thinking on ecosystem services, as developed in the Millenium Ecosystem review for example, coupled with more specific information on  important ecosystem areas in different countries, may be a step forward towards putting values on ecosystem protection.

This topic was raised at the  NEBEI meeting in St Petersburg (see NIAM newsletter, June 2012), with Rob Maas giving an excellent talk to introduce different approaches including Illustrations from work in the Netherlands. It was felt that this presentation would be of interest to NIAM members, and could help to develop collaboration in bringing together other work on ecosystem valuation and how this could be used under CLRTAP.

View the presentation here

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XXVth European Conference on Operational Research,
8-12th July 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania
More information on: http://www.euro?2012.lt

NIAM meeting, 29th of June, Brescia, Italy

TFIAM 41, 7-9th May 2012, Bilthoven
the Netherlands

18-20 May 2011, Oslo

IIASA workshop on GAINS and Key measures
20-21 June 2011, Laxenburg

21-22 March 2011, Laxenburg


TFIAM 38th